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Welcome to Sharp Incentives

Sharp Incentives is, first and foremost, a multi-line manufacturer’s representative in Special Markets serving the Southwest and Rocky Mountain states.

As multi-line reps within the Special Markets industry, our role is to serve as the link between suppliers and our customers. We function as a cost-effective, individual sales force for branded suppliers within the Special Markets community. This enables us to then provide customers with a multitude of product lines simultaneously, thus eliminating the frustration and down time associated with contacting various vendors directly.

Additionally, we provide marketing strategies, support and solutions for suppliers and customers, while working to increase the knowledge base on either side. By doing so, we not only create, but foster strong business relationships on which all industry parties can successfully build their businesses.

Why Incentives?

Aberdeen Research just released a new brief entitled "Sales Performance Management 2012: Rewards and Recognition as a Vital Compensation Component"
Key findings of the report are that Organizations that Provide Non Cash Reward/Recognition Perform Better
Thanks to the Incentive Research Foundation for providing us with this report

  • Best in Class companies are more than twice as likely as all other firms to provide non cash incentives (21% of Best in Class vs 10% of other companies use R&R programs)
  • 64% of Best in Class companies have a process to incentivize rapid activity around a particular product, an end-of-cycle-push, or even a way to dispose of excess inventory using spiffs versus compared with 48% of Industry Average firms, and 38% of Laggards.
  • Organizations that provide non cash reward/recognition had an average year over year annual corporate revenue increase of 9.6% versus 3% for all others.
  • Organizations that provide non cash reward/recognition had a 2.1% year over year increase in revenue per sales FTE versus a 0.7%decrease for all others.
  • Organizations that provide non cash reward/recognition had a 1.6% year over year increase in team attainment of quota versus adecrease of 2.2% for all others.
  • Adopters of non cash rewards/recognition also had 34% shorter sales rep time-to-productivity and 10% shorter sales rep time-to-hire.

You can download the complete Brief here in PDF format